Zerol 300 refrigeration oil spec sheet

Zerol spec

Zerol 300 refrigeration oil spec sheet

It is similar in many ways to natural mineral spec oils but has superior properties that make it particularly. HEATING REFRIGERATION INSTITUTE ( AHRI) AHRISelf- sheet Contained Mechanically Refrigerated. Lubricants Cross Reference Guide. 7619 Shell S4 S4- FR- V68 AB Can 20 l Replacement for Shell Clavus G 300 68. Varglas sheet Hermetic Sleeving offers good resistance to thermal shock 300 refrigeration lubricants Suniso™ 3- G ( a mineral oil), is unaffected by most zerol common oils including xylol/ paraffin oil ( 50/ 50 mixture by volume), Icematic® SW100 ( a synthetic polyol- ester oil), , ZEROL® 150 sheet ( a synthetic alkylbenzene oil) solvents including methylene. 06D & 06E Carlyle ZerolSW68 09093. 7617 Shell S4- FR- V32 AB Can 20 zerol l Replacement for Shell Clavus SD 2212.

ISO CODE DGA to DGB Compressor spec Oil NG Gas compressor oils 300 non- reactive gas ISO CODE sheet DGC to DGE none Reactive gas compressor fluids ( use syn) ISO CODE DRA Ammonia sheet Compressor Refrigeration Oil 300 Refrigeration compressor oils. Genuine Carlyle compressors are equipped with 300 high flow oil. This package includes an extreme pressure lubricity additive as well as an additive that provides controlled foaming. Products intended for the sheet lubrification of spec refrigeration compressors 6563 Mobil Arctic SHC NH 68 AB/ PAO Can 20 l spec Synthetic oil for NH 3. Mobil Zerice S68 AB 300/ 68 ZerolNational Oil NL150 Mineral 150/ 32 C3sNational Oil NL AKB150 AB 150/ 32 Zerol. AMCAReverberant Room Method spec for Sound Testing of. 4317 300 Zerol 150 AB Can 5 300 l 4318 Zerol 150 AB Can 10 l Synthetic oils.

ammonia evap below - 40 C. You are invited to discover the Sub- Zero , Wolf Cove Showroom Discover your next kitchen by stepping into one of ours. Shell corena oro kompresorių alyvos: Shell Corena D 46. Shell Refrigeration Oil SR FR- V 68. 1 - 10 to 50 300. Ammonia evaporator above - 40 C ISO CODE DRB Refrig. Zerol refrigeration oil is a high quality, premium synthetic alkylbenzene refrigeration sheet oil. It does not relate to use in combination with any.

service guidelines hcfc r22 to hfc refrigerant blends Refrigerant R22 is widely used for zerol spec residential commercial air conditioning as well as commercial refrigeration applications. Zerol 300 refrigeration oil spec sheet. It is similar 300 in many ways to natural mineral oils zerol but has superior sheet properties zerol that make it zerol particularly valuable sheet in refrigeration, air conditioning applications. Oil # 3, Syn Refrig Oil Synthetic HC. Zerol Refrigeration Oil is spec a high- zerol quality, premium synthetic alkylbenzene refrigeration oil. From the first toast to the final bite spec sheet meal with Sub- Zero refrigeration, , relish every moment , Wolf cooking Cove dishwashing. Nu- CalgonZerol 300 Refrigeration Oil 1 Gallon - Zerol Refrigeration Oil is a high quality synthetic zerol alkylbenzene refrigeration oil.

Shell Refrigeration Oil SR spec FR- V 32. It is sheet similar in many ways to natural mineral oils but has superior properties that make it particularly valuable in refrigeration, air- conditioning applications. Data Sheet relates only zerol to the specific zerol material designate herein. Zerol 200TD zerol is a unique formulation of alkylbenzene in that it contains a special additive package. Zerol Refrigeration Oil is a high quality, synthetic alkylbenzene refrigeration oil.

Description: SUS) Zerol 200TD ( 200 SUS) ZerolSUS).

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safety data sheet 300 oil page 1 of 4 300 oil current issue date: april 1. chemical product and company information product: national 300 refrigeration oil product code: 300 oil. Base oil is the oil used in lubricant formulas before additives are introduced. Premium base oil is manufactured using a process called ISODEWAXING®, which Chevron commercialized in 1993. ISODEWAXING catalysts break down the feedstock, rather than remove the wax with solvents. Polyolester Lubricants.

zerol 300 refrigeration oil spec sheet

at low evaporator temperatures will help promote oil return to the compressor. NL AKB 300 300AKB1G 300 SUS/ 68 ISO Zerol 300,. Sub- Zero pioneered the art and science of food preservation since 1945 For over seven decades, our Madison, Wisconsin family- owned and - operated company has reimagined refrigeration with customizable units tested and built to last for over 20 years of daily use.